Question(1.10.2003): are you already so desperate and sick'n'tired to stop answering
our questions? did you like know i screwed with adding new stuff
but i'll try to...greetings!!!

Answer: Breathe calmly and relax...

Question(1.10.2003): Hi Matti! 1)Do you think that Adam will win fourth time in
World Cup? 2)Why not? 3)why do you think that you will win? 4)What is your
favourite book(and its author)? 5)is that true that you don't like cats? :>

Answer: 1) ? 2) ? 3) ? 4) - 5) No.

Question(28.9.2003): Do you have an animal at home? Or did you have one when
you were a child? A dog or a cat? Or maybe a finnish moose living in your garden?

Answer: No. Nope. No. And no...

Question(19.9.2003): I`ve to say your behavior is pretty shit!!!!!!!

Answer: Well thank you, it's always a pleasure!..

Question(2.9.2003): Hy Matti!
Is that true...?
I've read somewhere that you will be a father in a few months...

Answer: Really? I heard the same thing about two years ago...

Question(2.9.2003): Hej.Can you tell me if Tommi Nikunen smokes?

Answer: No I can't.

Question(29.8.2003): Matti, you were soooooo sweet when you had longer hair...
Why you have so SHORT hair now??? Why? I don't know you will answer me, but please, I'm waiting!!!

Answer: I'm sorry, from now on I'll ask before I cut my hair...

Question(29.8.2003): aloha matti whats your favourite beer???!!;)

Answer: As long as it's cold, anything goes...

Question(27.8.2003): Hi Matti! At the races you seem very angry, even when you win. Are you really angry, or is it just an act?

Answer: I'm sorry if my face doesn't please you...

Question(4.8.2003): Which aims do you have for the season 03/04 ?

Answer: I just hope that I won't suck...

Question(4.8.2003): What do you think about your results with the finnish sgp?

Answer: I suck!

Question(2.8.2003): Do you like youre homepage or do you hink there
should be more colours?

Answer: I wanted it to be more black, but second'a production company refused to do so...

Question(29.10.2003): Hey Matti,
Do you understand yourself with Jussi?

Answer: What?

Question(20.10.2003): Hello Matti!
I've got a question for you: Why don't you have pets? Don't you like them?
Thank you!

Answer: And becouse I don't have a pet, must mean that I hate them, right?..

Question(20.10.2003): Hey Matti!
Just lerned in University that "hauta" means "grave" - are you sure your name isn't an artists-name????   

Answer: I think I know my own name...

Question(9.10.2003): Hi Matti!!!
I´ve got a question.... I´ve send you so many questions several times but
you NEVER answer one of it!!! On the other hand I mention that you´ve answered questions two times (for example: why you`ve cut you hair) So I don´t understand where´s the justice????

Answer: Count slowly in your mind 10 to 1, and take a deep breathe and relax...

Question(15.12.2003): hei matti. congratulations for your victory, i hope it won't be the last. i have a question. jussi once told in a fact file that you are the sportsman he admires. what do you think about this? big kiss and lots of luck for trondheim and the tour

Answer: I think he lied.

Question(15.12.2003): what kind of girl do you like?

Answer: Female.

Question(3.12.2003): Terve Matti! What is your favoritue beer?

Answer: Cold...

Question(3.12.2003): Moi! It´s a question bout your page not about you...would you publish a pic I took if it´s good?
Good luck for this season!

Answer: Why not? Is it dirty?

Question(3.12.2003): Now I have tried to ask you this question two times before, but eighter you dont wanna answear the question or I'm doing something wrong here. My question was if you're snuffing or not...!?! I saw a picture of you were it seemed like you did it, but I just wanna be shure=)

Answer: You are doing something wrong there...

Question(24.11.2003): hi Matti
have you ever thought about to get to grow a beard? =) just a small one... ?
greets and good luck for you

Answer: It doesn't grow.

Question(2.11.2003): hi matti
(nearly)everytime if someone asks something about jussi you only say "what?" or "?" =) so my theory is you dont get along well with him or you dont like questions about him on YOUR page =) so tell me please...

Answer: What & ?

Question(2.11.2003): moi matti i've got just one little question you don't seem to be interested in your brother's band but it's natural that brothers talk to each other about their private life so how could that happen that you don't know ANYTHING about vieraileva tähti album?! or maybe you just don't talk to jussi at all?!
and of course good luck in winter i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you bye bye :*

Answer: Becouse there ain't any album.

Question(2.11.2003): Eh..Matti, I think there's a little mistake in one of your answers. You wrote that your most awesome experience in skijumping was Planica 2002, but your worldrecords (and I'm sure that you mean that) were this year, 2003!! Just to remind you...  

Answer: And you think that you know my experiences better than m'self? But that's ok, most people seem to think so... Anyway, in Planica 2002 practice round I thought that I'm gonna die or atleast break my legs. So that's my most awesome experience... Just to let you know...  

Question(16.2.2004): YoWza Matti. Good competition at Willingen - great to see The Man on form (that's you!) Just a question or two:
1) Do jumpers know what the wind conditions are before they jump?
2) Is it ever difficult for jumpers to see their coach dropping the flag to jump? They seem ever so far down...
3) Do you ever speak to any of the Japanese dudes? Kasai, Funaki, Higashi, etc.? Do they speak English...?
Best of luck for Planica!

Answer: 1) Usually we know... 2) If you ain't blind, you usually see it. 3) If we are drunk, becAuse drunken people use the same language...

Question(16.2.2004): Hei Masa!
Did you know that the word "because" is written with -au- and not with -ou-? Just to mention...
Ask your ýounger brother, his english is perfect.
Anyway, that looks some sort of cute and you can go on writing "becouse". Just told you, maybe you want your english to improve ;-P

Answer: Tänks.

Question(16.2.2004): Hey!U and ur anwsers are great:)but i think that some times u could be more "nice",I knoiw that some questions can be stupid,but most of people are not normal,so just be nice to them:/I want to ask 2 questions,if u don't mind...1)Do u smile somtimes?Coz the last time when u were almost smile was in Predazzo last year...2)Do you swear a lot???Anway,hope that u will win in Planica,coz u r the best(but im sure that u know taht the best)Take Care!bye!

Answer: 1) I do those grotesk face things at home... 2) Too much...

Question(16.2.2004): Dear Matti!Is it difficult to be a ski jumper? I mean trainings...You don't have free time just to relax.Am I right?

Answer: You are wrong...

Question(16.2.2004): Hey guy!
I can´t believe it! You wrote that you start doubting in some people´s mental health! Do you really think you are the right one to say that? I mean, just take a look at your answers. Being ironc might be ok, but I think you don´t know how to tread your fans. Some of them write really interesting and serious questions and you just don´t care and laugh at them! I´m surprised that still someone is writing to you seriously because nobody can expect a proper answer.
And I bet you won´t publish this message, but if you do, I hope a lot of people will read it.
You may be a great sportsman but you forget the people who make skijumping possible: the fans.

Answer: How much was the bet?

Question(11.2.2004): Moi Matti! Why are boys so complicate?!?

Answer: It's becouse of females changes of mood...

Question(11.2.2004): we are doing a project about you.. can you tell us someting about your family? What makes you such a good jumper? Please answer quickly!!!!!

Answer: No I can't.

Question(11.2.2004): ya answers are really fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya treat ya fans as if they are some stupid persons!! i bet ya that ya wouldn`t like it, if somebody treats ya that way!!! think about it man!!!

Answer: Whats'ya'prablam?

Question(11.2.2004): hola masa. i know you're not gonna answer but i don't give a d***.anyway espero que estas bien, mi amor finlandes:P viva ESPANA!!!ja FINLANDIA!!!
o.k now question: don't you have an impression that Tami Kiuru make often fun at you when you talk to him.(his face shows ironic and amusement).
anyway, greets and best wishes from Madrid.

Answer: I'm use to it, everybody makes fun at me...

Question(11.2.2004): there's been some accidents this season so I've got a couple of questions: 1) aren't you frightened to jump when you see another skijumper fall? 2) don't you think about injuries? 3) Is it possible to concentrate so much that you think only about your jump?
thank you very much. wish you all the best and huuuuuuuuuuge successes :D and no dangerous situations ;)

Answer: 1) No. 2) No. 3) ...No.

Question(11.2.2004): Ello Matti!!!
Question for u:
Have u ever had any operation??
And why don't u show ur chest(i mean in summer) like others skijumpers??
Tnx big kisses and huges

Answer: 1) No. 2) Cause I'm little bit fatty...

Question(11.2.2004): Hei Matti!I have one question for U.Why did You set up FEEDBACK if Your answers are so general,ironic or sometimes You don't even feel like answering them at all!What's the point?Bye.

Answer: Bye.

Question(11.2.2004): Hello. I have two questions:
1) Which town do you like more: Oulu or Kuopio?
2) Do you have any other job except skijumping? You wrote once that you don´t get any money for jumping,only premium for winning - but you must have some source of income or will you be still dependent on parents....?
hmm, you needn´t to answer this if you don´t want, but if you will have time so you can... I´m just curious...
and beat Norweagians finally! Bye bye

Answer: 1) En jaksa vastata... 2) No I don't, but I'll get along, they are gonna low the alcohol taxes here in Finland, so economicly, I'll be just fine...

Question(4.2.2004): hi you!
1.what do you do when you don't have training? 2.And i have read that you study so what do you study?
3. i read that you have a new girl friend ... is it true?

Answer: 1) I'll try ro live. 2) Meaning of life. 3) New, old, ex, none... Pick one...

Question(4.2.2004): Hey Matti. 1. Mika Kojonkoski said to Norwegian press that you are feeling confident about Planica this year. Is that so? 2. What is the difference between being a "jumping" and a "flying" jumper? 3. What are you? Best of luck

Answer: If he say so. 2) Nothing. 3) I'm Zvirk from Pluto.

Question(4.2.2004): Hey Matti. Would you call ski-jumping an extreme sport? Is it true that the ground you land on is mostly made of ice? To fall musy be painful then! Best of luck

Answer: It's snow...

Question(4.2.2004): Hey Matti! i've one question. if you would have only one more day left to live, what would you do?
keep on kickin' asses and good luck for the further worldcups!!!

Answer: I wouldn't write this...

Question(4.2.2004): Do you like the "neverending" travelling during the whole winter? Doesn´t it get on your nerves? only travelling and skijumping .... strange life.... And does skijumping still enjoy you or now it becomes only a job you want to have over??
And one more thing: In the last competitions you look quite scared or nervous when you are on the hill and wait for sign to jump - you are breathing deeply and calm yourself - it´s visible - some time before you looked far more confidently, now it´s like you are afraid of jumping... Why are you so stressful?

Answer: 1) Sometimes it does. 2) It's called concentration...

Question(27.1.2004): Moi Matti! Do you know if there's any difference between Ylivoima and Uusi Aukema? If yes, what is it??? Nuku hyvin!

Answer: Yes, the name.

Question(27.1.2004): What does a girl have to do to get you into her bed?
just particular reason...

Answer: Tsihii...

Question(27.1.2004): Hi Matti! Congratulations! You won today in Hakuba. But don't you think that the jury should stopped competitions? Do you think it was fair and safe to jump in such conditions? And don't you think that the jury helped you to win (or at least to jump so well in first round?). Good luck in next competitions!  

Answer: Oh my god! It was January, middle of winter, and it started to snow! It can't always be sunshine and birds singing... And ofcourse they helped, how else you can explain that I won?

Question(25.2.2004): Moi Matti! I know that it's stupid question,but when i read your answers, i cant understand. What does it matter " yep " ? :) Best wishes and kisses!

Answer: Yep = Yeah = Yes = Kyllä = Joo = Jep = Jeps, etc.

Question(25.2.2004): Why is your sponsors columne empty? You don´t have any sponsors?

Answer: Ööh.. Too lazy for that...

Question(25.2.2004): hi!!!
maybe that will be a stupid question but how are you fell???

Answer: Hä?

Question(25.2.2004): hey ho gazza! (does that nick mean anything by the way?)
just few li´l questions: Do u have actually nothin betta to do than answering our questions? i mean it´s nice that u do that, but if i were in your place i wouldn´t do that...maybe i´m an even more mean person than u are...
and do u know or like ripsipiirakka? hrhr, they ruuuule!!!!
hope u answer.
btw, you became a bit nicer at the last answers u gave, respect!!!lol

Answer: Don't you have anything better to do than write here?
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